Utopia Arkitekter Designs Apartment Block with Rooftop Park for Stockholm
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Utopia Arkitekter Designs Apartment Block with Rooftop Park for Stockholm


The Södermalm district of Stockholm will be receiving a unique new addition to its collection of residential housing. Utopia Arkitekter has proposed a redevelopment plan along Hornsbruksgatan that will include three apartment buildings and a new metro station. In total, the plan will create 29 units: twelve apartments and seventeen town houses. Rising two to three stories above the street, the connected roofs of each of these buildings will act as an extension to the nearby Högalid Park.



The upper floors of the new buildings will be given over to residency, while most of the ground floor will be devoted to commercial use. The facades of the apartment buildings are terraced and offset to create dynamic appearance, and to allow for balconies and forecourts in the town houses. Climbing plants growing from these forecourts will create green walls that will eventually reach the parkland on top of the buildings. The brick used to face the residences is reminiscent of that used in the construction of Högalid Church.



The new metro station, situated between these buildings, will be designed by Tham Videgård Arkitekter. The top two stories of the building will be primarily office space, though the design leaves the plans open for other functions such as shops or a health care center. The rooftop will play host to a restaurant and public terrace. The metro station will also provide elevator access from Hornsbruksgatan to Högalid Park.

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