Taipei Flora Expo Pavilions
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Taipei Flora Expo Pavilions

54a3f8b1e58ece13c3000005_taipei-flora-expo-pavilions-bio-architecture-formosana_5This project turns the old trees in Xinsheng Park into a magic driving force inviting buildings to extend, either high or low, among the trees, offering visitors scenic view and communication.



Such spatial experience is like no other in Taiwan. The building meets the diamond standard of the Taiwan Ministry of Interior EEWH Green Building Label. Furthermore, intelligent technology is found in the control of the window, sunshades and air conditioning system. Thus the comfort and energy consumption of the building could be optimal.


An aerial view of Taipei Flora Expo Pavilions shows groups of trees and two parts of large building space. During the planning, the sponsor had realized in advanced the necessity of reducing the number of transplanted trees in park. During the construction, we strictly required the company to not take those old trees as “parking shade” in order to protect the soil and the roots from the constant rolling of tires. We also realized that trees might help buildings to disperse the pressure of northeast wind and typhoon, reduce the hours of direct sunlight to increase their survival rate.


When designing the three pavilions, many domestic and foreign technologies were fused. For example, Future Pavilion itself is a huge greenhouse which houses Taiwan native plants from frigid, temperate and tropical zones. This was made possible by high-tech temperature and humidity control system.


For the plants from subtropical zone and orchid zone, water walls and air fans are used to replace energy-consuming air conditioning system. The roof is also the result of high technology. Greenhouse uses ETFT cushion which is transparent but insulated. It helps with the plants’ photosynthesis. Curtain design can adjust the indoor light according to the weather. In addition, the 200KW solar panel can provide alternative energy and reduce the carbon emission.


The indoor environmental quality can be controlled automatically, energy is saved and temperature is lowered by the drencher curtain in the greenhouse. The hall is equipped with mist spray and floor cooling instead of air conditioner. Light energy-saving green roof softens Taipei skyline and reduces urban heat island effect. Plants on the wall can contribute in low maintenance and thermal insulation.



Solar panel on the inclining façade toward the courtyard provides recycled energy. Meanwhile, rainwater from Taipei city is directed into wastewater purification in aggregate, where the aquatic flora absorbs the heavy metal in water and the gravel accelerates contamination precipitation. The water is therefore purified naturally. The 170-meter water purification way provides the courtyard of Xinsheng three pavilions with clean source of irrigation, nourishes various aquatic flora, and exhibit water recycling system.


We are trying to figure out whether could we reduce the negative effects and meanwhile positively make our lives more elegant and healthy. After all, the Expo is temporary while the environment is eternal. Hopefully after the Flora Expo, our five senses could experience joy in life brought by the greenery and water, enjoying moments with our family in the park.

(Source Arch Daily)

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