Vicostone Quartz Surfaces-healthy surfaces for better indoor air quality & direct contact with foodstuffs

VICOSTONE ( Vinaconex Advanced Compound Stone J.S.C)

Product features

Healthier covering products for indoor environments. Low Emissions make Vicostone quartz surfaces suitable for children and use in schools. The product range has high recycled content and surfaces are safe for direct contact with food.

- Low VOC emissions, good for indoor air quality (certified by GreenGuard Institute) - Safe for direct contact with foodstuffs as certified by NSF -Resistant to microbial and mold growth according to ASTM D 6329-98 standard (Tested & Recognized by GreenGuard Institute) -Comprised of 0.39% - over 50% of recycled contents such as broken mirror or/and glass or/and seashell in the BQ, BC, BS, ECO product lines. Especially, the ECO product line is manufactured under bio-technology (used bio-resin instead of common polyester resin) - High quality and durable. Performs well in flexural strength, water absorption, fire reaction, abrasion resistance (CE certificate)
Contact Details

VICOSTONE ( Vinaconex Advanced Compound Stone J.S.C)

Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park, Thach Hoa, Thach That, Hanoi, Vietnam

City: Hà Nội

Phone Number: (+ 84) 04 33 6858 28



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