Walton / Delabie

Product features

– Resistant to intensive use and vandalism
– Limited servicing and easy maintenance
– Reliable presence detection: DELABIE uses the most reliable form of sensor, i.e. active, infra-red presence detection.
– Can be installed on any isolated point-of-use: for new builds as well as renovation; there is no need for electrical connections
– Flexibles are connected to the pipework in the same way as for traditional taps. There is no need for special adjustment, the tap is ready to operate autonomously for 3-6 years, approximately 350,000 cycles
– Tempomatic 4 can be installed in the same way as traditional taps. Simply connect the flexibles, no other installation or adjustment is necessary
– Replacing the battery is easy, there is no need to remove the tap or isolate the water supply.

- Automatic opening and closing without manual contact -Water savings: almost 90 % compared to conventional mixers/taps (shorter and lower flow rate). -Constant flow rate: flow straightener set at 3 lpm at 3 bar (flow rate can be adjusted if the Pressure is < 3 bar) (DELABIE patented). -Adjustable flow straightener with flow rate set at 3 lpm, with anti-blocking. -3 years warranty.
Contact Details

Walton / Delabie

1073/73 Cach Mang Thang 8 Str., WARD 7 , TAN BINH District

City: Hồ Chí Minh

Phone Number: +84 8 39 77 09 06 / +84 8 39 77 09 07

Email: mw@walton.fr

Website: http://www.walton.fr/

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