SpreFix spray-on insulation

Vivablast (Vietnam) Co.; Ltd

Product features

Fighting fire, noise, heat, cold and condensation with Sprefix spray-on insulation solution, self-adhesive glass or stone wool, sprayed directly onto a surface, without any mechanical fasteners


- High insulation value with density of 75kg/m3 and thermal conductivity value of 10 = 0,032 W/mK (Glass wool) or 140kg/m3 and thermal conductivity of 10 = 0,038 W/mK (Stone wool) - Entirely free of any additives such as solvents, asbestos, cement or fusible silicates providing a 0 VOC solution. - Seamless insulation provides superior energy-efficiency and reduced waste by avoiding thermal bridging. - Multifunctional insulation certified by DNV, USCG, Lloyds, ABS, etc combining: * Fire protection: withstand more than 1,100° C (A60 certified) * Sound reduction * Thermal insulation * Condensation control
Contact Details

Vivablast (Vietnam) Co.; Ltd

Street 2, Binh Chieu Industrial Zone, Thu Duc District


Phone Number: +84 (0) 8 38 965 006 / 7 / 8


Website: http://www.vivablast.com

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