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OUT-2 Design

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OUT-2 Design is a leader in Corporate Sustainability & Environmentally Responsible Design and Development.

Our Services include:
– Sustainable Architecture Consultancy
– Sustainable Interior Design Consultancy
– Green Office Solutions
– Green Benchmarking & Certification (LEED, BREEAM, LOTUS etc.)

Through our expertise in Breifing, Planning and Design, we have played a pivotal role in Vietnam's first 'Green' building projects designed and built to international environmental standards including: - Unilever Homebase, HCMC (16,000sqm) - Centrepoint Office Building, HCMC (35,000sqm) - RMIT University AB-2, HCMC (10,000sqm) - Cape Da Bac, Phu Quoc (5000sqm).
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OUT-2 Design

L6 Fafilm Building, No.6 Thai Van Lung, District 1


Phone Number: 848 3824 7680

Email: getacurrie@OUT-2.com

Website: http://www.OUT-2.com

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