Gyproc Drywall System

Saint-Gobain Construction Products Vietnam Ltd.

Product features

Gyproc drywall systems provide solutions to design criteria to meet specific level of structural performance, fire protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation and vapor control.

Gyproc’s plasterboards have significant green advantages as bellow: - Lightweight material (1/10 of a brick wall) => Reduce transportation costs by up to 80% and structural costs with calculations showing 7% cost savings (based on 25 storeys Residential in reinforced concrete frame) - Low thermal transfer value (K-value of plasterboard: 0.16 W/m.K giving a typical U-value for a Drywall system of 0.95 W/m2.K) => Improve energy efficiency of the building by reducing the OTTV and RTTV of building envelop up to 40% - Recycled material - from raw material to its end life circle => Reduce consumption of natural resources. Saint-Gobain Vietnam plant use up to 35% recycled material with higher specifications possible. - Improve indoor acoustic comfort => Gyproc provide a wide range of system, from classical systems with minimum of 38dB sound insulation to excellent performance systems which can achieve up to 80dB sound insulation - Gyproc's embodied energy is very low (1.08 MJ/kg) - Low VOC content => produced in comply with ASTM D5116-06 (Standard Guide for Small Scale Environment Chamber Determinations of Organic Emission From Indoor Materials/ Products); and awarded Green Label Certification by Singapore Government.
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