Boral Platerboard

Boral Gypsum Vietnam

Product features

Boral Plasterboard are complemented with high performance products specifically designed for thermal and acoustic applications, and provide impact, moisture, hear block and fire resistance.

• BORAL products and systems are manufactured from sustainable resources and recycled materials • The plasterboard has low embodied energy per sq.m. of surface area when compared to heavyweight construction • BORAL plasterboard is a 'healthy' building material contributing to an enhanced indoor air quality by minimizing interior VOC contaimination • The use of BORAL plasterboard building systems allows reduction in the size of footings thus minimising disturbance to the subsoil and environmental impact on the building site • Thermal resistance of BORAL plasterboard partitions and ceilings can be easily upgraded with the use of bulk or reflective insulation • BORAL plasterboard walls allow the building to respond more quickly to mechanical heating and cooling • Non load-bearing BORAL plasterboard walls can be easily removed or relocated to allow for changes in the building occupancy • The plasterboard walls can be easily repaired when dented or scraped • BORAL offers a wide range of plasterboard products and systems with enhanced fire rated and acoustic properties
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Boral Gypsum Vietnam

19-25 Nguyen Hue, quan 1, Thanh pho HCM

City: Hồ Chí Minh

Phone Number: 08-39151400



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