ATATA rubber foam insulation materials


Product features

ATATA rubber foam insulation material focus on heat and cold insulation categories which is used in chilled water systems, cold water plumbing, refrigeration lines, air conditioning lines, cooling ductwork, etc.  to prevent condensation and save energy.

- Closed cell and waterproof, high resistance to water-vapor transmission. - CFC/HCFC free, non-porous, fiber free, dust free and resistant to mold growth. - Highly moisture resistant coefficient. - K heat conductivity coefficient is sustainable and low, from 0,031 – 0.038(W/mK). - High antibacterial coefficient in accordance with Standard UL. - ATATA rubber foam insulation is resistance to flame spread in accordance with BS 476 Part 6 Part 7, UL 84, ASTM D635. - Easy to installation and considerable reduction in maintenance costs.
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Yen Son IZ, Yen Son commune, Quoc Oai Dist.,

City: Hà Nội

Phone Number: 04.33940189



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