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Infiltration & Moisture Control

Water also moves through building envelope assemblies—in both liquid and vapor states. Unwanted infiltration can be a major cause of this. The focus here is upon water vapor movement. Water vapor will often need to be handled by a climate control system through the use of energy (termed latent heat)….

Shading & Redirecting Sunlight

Shading is an important set of strategies for visual comfort and thermal comfort.  As such, successful shading is measured by the overall success of visual and thermal comfort. Shading strategies include overhangs, louvers, and vertical fins.  Light redirection strategies include light shelves and baffles.  All of these strategies can be…

Aperture Placement & Area

“Aperture” refers to any daylight source, including windows, skylights, openings, and any other transparent or translucent surfaces. Aperture placement and area is important because strategic use of windows and skylights can help you achieve thermal and visual comfort passively, saving both energy and money. Glazing placement and area can be…

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