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Building Energy Loads

Energy loads are how much energy your building needs. These demands can be provided by electricity, fuel, or by passive means. Understanding building loads can be a complex topic because there are so many interrelated terms to navigate. The infographic below can help you navigate these terms and make better…

Heat Energy Flows in Buildings

Understanding fundamental heat flows from conduction, convection, and radiation is key to creating energy efficient buildings. Moisture flows are also important because moisture holds energy as “latent heat.” Sensible vs. Latent Heat Flows There are of two forms of heat flows: sensible heat and latent heat. Sensible heat flow results…

Building Energy Fundamentals

Understanding heat transfer fundamentals and how they translate into energy flows in a building is critical when designing high performance buildings. Learn about the different forms of heat transfer, material properties like U-factor and R-value, heating and cooling loads, energy use intensity, and the difference between site and source energy….

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