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Tuta centre


No.01 Hung Vuong, Bac Giang province, Vietnam

Type of Building: Residential Building
New / Refurbished: Refurbished
Status: Operational Stage
Year of construction: 2011
Gross Floor Area: 18800 sq.m

Tuta Center is a multi-functional six-storey building in which the third to fifth floors are used for residential purposes and have 68 apartments with a total area of nearly 7000m2. Each measure from 80m2 to 118m2 and uses various designs to meets customers’ growing needs.
TUTA Center is a mixed-use building built by Tuan Mai trade JSC on a plot of residential land.


Cong ty Co phan Thuong mai Tuan Mai




Hoang Thuc Hao architect and Nguyen Duy Thanh architect







Passive design

Orientation and Shading

Tuta Center, a ‘flat’ apartment, is situated on National Highway No.1, the main highway leading Bac Giang Province, and faces southeast. The building is designed to be well ventilated in summer, keep out the cold in winter, and keep the sun out in the west, the direction in which sunshine is maximum. Thanks to the various advantages they offer, the approach is based on the following design principles:

  • Maximizing each apartment’s exposure to nature
  • Providing an unobstructed view for each apartment
  • Energy efficiency


General floor & Perspective view

Natural ventilation

These days, because of the economic crisis and high land prices, newly-constructed buildings often incorporate stairways in the central of the floor plan to maximise residential space, overlooking the enormous benefits offered by external circulation in flat apartments when their length and breadth are proportionate as old apartments from the 1980s showed, like old apartments from the 1980s used to.

2Natural ventilation for flat apartment

Buildings with outside circulation have many drawbacks with regard to natural light and ventilation for their apartments. However, when the building is located on a large and flat area, using external circulation is much better, especially for coastal buildings. Tuta Center follows the outside circulation design and ensures air flow through both sides of the building.

3 to mat ca doc

Each apartment consists of two to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room is elegant and offers convenience and high – quality interiors Moreover, it gets natural light and breeze, and has two frontages, even three in corner apartments


Diagram of natural ventilation and daylighting

In Tuta Center, to make use of the breeze and daylighting, the WWR as well as the ratio of windows and glass walls to total area of the wall is calculated carefully to keep out the cold wind in winter and ensure natural ventilation and daylighting in all weather conditions.

Internal Green Space

Aspiring to achieve a “Green – Clean – Beautiful” living space and “Modern – Civilized” environment, the building construction is of five – star standard with a waterfall cascading from the seventh floor.

The building has a park, a car park, an elevated water tank, and a restaurant with a total area of more than 10,000m2, and a swimming pool and fitness club will be built in future.

5 mat bang tang 111 sanh chung cu

Active design 

Tuta Center’s active design mainly focuses on luxurious interiors which have secured green certificates, especially the Ausdoor glass window system, wooden interiors imported from Malaysia, and Panasonic AC system for thermal and acoustic insulation…



Design of Water Supply and Drainage Systems

Fresh water from the overhead storage tank is supplied to all apartments through a booster and gravity pump.

A booster pump system (comprising two pumps, one on standby and another in operation) is used to supply water to the top four floors, and gravity to supply the bottom four floors. A circulating joint is also installed in case the pump system is broken accidentally.

Water hammer is prevented by a pressure – reducing valve that is attached to vertical water pipes.

The main water supply lines are normally outside the wall or are concealed beneath a false ceiling, and other branches of water supply lines are hidden inside the wall.

The water pipes also supply hot water.

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