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Big C Green Square


Di An, Binh Duong

Type of Building: Commercial Building
New / Refurbished: New
Status: Operational Stage
Year of construction: 2013
Gross Floor Area: 16118 sq.m

BigC Green Square belongs to a series of BigC shopping malls scattered in different provinces of Vietnam. The building located in Di An, Binh Duong province is able to serve for the usage of hundreds of people everyday with a plenty of services.

Third Party Verified: Yes
Source of Information: Le Groupe Casino (FR); BigC in Vietnam; Viet Nhat (VN)
Methods of data collection: interviews with manager and data collection via email.

Design Credit: HighEnd Architecture (FR)


Le Groupe Casino (FR); BigC in Vietnam; Viet Nhat (VN)




HighEnd Architecture (FR)

+84 4 62 786 500



Phu Hung Gia (Coteccons Group) (VN)
Main contractor

+84 8 35 154 485


Passive Design strategies:

Building envelop:
Since the entire building is mechanically ventilated and cooled, the strategy is to pursue a highly insulated envelop in order to be as energy-reducing as possible.

Thermal insulation of the roof is achieved with the application of 10cm ECO XPS foam insulation. A special layer of bright-white S327L membrane is applied to achieve a high reflectance (0.84) and a remarkable Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 104. The roof OTTV is 3.5 W/m2, representing a significant reduction of 86% compared to the EEBC requirement.

Highly insulated roof

Highly insulated roof

Exterior walls are insulated with 10cm Rockwool to meet U-value of 0.338 W/m2.K. The design also features low-e double glazing with the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.25. The wall OTTV is calculated at 10.4 W/m2, a reduction of 82% compared to the EEBC requirement.

Low-e glazing

Low-e glazing

Overall, the total OTTV reduction of 83.5% is achieved.

Active System:

AC system:
Cooling for the retail and commercial areas is provided by 2 chillers, one water-cooled chiller and one air-cooled chiller with the following specs:
•   Water-cooled chiller – capacity: 1526Kw, COP: 6.045 at ARI conditions.
•   Air-cooled chiller – capacity: 1343Kw, COP: 3.28 COP at ARI conditions.

The high efficient equipment offers more than 12% improvement compared to EEBC 2013.

Ice storage system:
Chillers are coupled to an ice storage tank. Generally, the saving strategy is as follows:
•   During peak-rate hours ((09:30 – 11:30 and 17:00 – 20:00), the chillers are turned off and cooling is provided by the ice storage
•   Ice storage is made overnight from 22:00 to 04:00 when electricity prices and demand are lower
•   During normal-rate hours, the chillers are run to produce the cooling capacity directly

Artificial Lighting:
More than 25% of savings compared to EEBC on lighting power through the use of fluorescent T5 and LED luminaires.

Photovoltaics panels:
There are 1,450 m2 Photovoltaics panels on the roof of parking area with capacity of 212 kWp and an estimated yearly production of 290,000 kWh. 5.6% of the total energy use of the building is covered by onsite renewable energy.

BigC - PV system

Photovoltaics system on the carpark roof

Total energy saving:
Total Energy Savings over baseline: 23%

Water efficient fixtures:
All water fixtures are aggressively targeted to achieve water reduction. The specs of the water fixtures are as follows:

•  Faucets:
+ With autocontrol: 0.05 L/s
+ No autocontrol: 0.0315 L/s (Baseline: 0.14 L/s)
•  Kitchen sink tap: 0.052 L/s (Baseline: 0.14 L/s)
•  Showerhead: 0.0583 L/s (Baseline: 0.16 L/s)

Water fixtures

Water fixtures

Water efficient flushing system:
The water closet uses dual flush low capacity flushing cisterns with 4.5Lpf for a full flush and 3Lpf for a half flush (Baseline: 6 Lpf)
Urinals are installed with flush valves that use 2 Lpf (Baseline: 3.79 Lpf)

51% savings can be achieved on fixtures water consumption.

Black Water Treatment and Reuse:
Black water from the sanitary wares, restaurants, canteens is first collected separately and treated in septic tank. Floor and grease traps are used. After treatment, the waste water will be used for irrigation on site. 100% of irrigation water is supplied by waste water treatment.

Discharged effluent quality meets Vietnam Quality Standards (QCVN) 14: 2008 (Column A Value C)

Waste water treatment

Waste water treatment

Materials with Recycled Content:
Recycled content is available from many sources for this project: Steel Rebar, Steel used for structure, INOX, plasterboard and cement. 53% of materials have some recycled content.

Non-baked Materials:
No baked material is used for the non-structural walls. 100% of these walls are autoclaved aerated concrete block.

Non-hazardous Materials:
The flooring systems and all paints and coatings have low VOC content. All paints are from Jotun or ICI. For the flooring, all internal flooring is terrazzo, cement or ceramic tile.

Also, all adhesives and sealants must have low VOC and formaldehyde content.

Sewage Water Discharge:
Sewer reduction is achieved by two means: efficient fixtures and recycling of treated waste water for the use of irrigation on site. Total reduction is a combination of reducing water use internally and externally for a total water reduction of 75%.

Intermediate tanks (sand and carbon filter) in the basement

Intermediate tanks (sand and carbon filter) in the basement

AC Refrigerants:
Chillers using HFC-134A and split-units using HFC-410A for refrigerants.

Demolition and Construction Waste Management:
90% of construction waste is to be recycled. Dong Hoa was contracted early on as a major recycler in the area with all necessary facilities. Concrete and a small amount of ceramic tile waste was used as clean fill on site.

Dedicated recycling storage area:
A dedicated recyling room has been built adjacent to the main building. The area is 58 m2. The following materials will be separated for recycling purposes: cardboard, paper, plastic, batteries, glass, metal and cooking oils.


•  Free busses with many routes for employees and visitors, open space, local jobs, delivery services

•  Big C has planted and installed a 2,500 m2 public park for the convenience of the local community and will maintain it for their use, free of charge.

Big C front park

Big C front park

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