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VNPT Tower


57 Huynh Thuc Khang Street

Type of Building: Office Building
New / Refurbished: New
Status: Operational Stage
Year of construction: 2009
Gross Floor Area: 7984 sq.m

VNPT Tower has twenty-five floors. It was awarded the third prize in the Energy Efficient Building Contest of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2011. Because the building has implemented significant energy saving measures to centralised air conditioning, ventilation, lifts, lighting and efficient mornitoring by an Integrated Building Management System (IBMS).

Third Party Verified: No
Source of Information: VNPT Tower
Methods of data collection: interviews with manager and data collection via email.

Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group

(04) 3 774 1091



Nguyen Hoang Thanh

(04) 35775104


Building Management Unit:

Property & Management Company

(+84) 4 3773 8686






Building Envelope

The window to wall ration (WWR) is 35%. According to the Energy Efficient Building Code – Building Envelope Guideline (EEBC), WWR must be between 30%-50% (EEBC 2013).
All windows are double glazed, which provide an insulation capacity that helps to reduce the thermal load for AC systems. The glass windows of the outside layer are also covered with a reflective film to reduce the heat gain throughout the building.

The wall is shaded by aluminum plates (a thickness of a plate is 5 mm and the distance between the aluminum plates and the wall is 6cm). This creates a double skin that aims at reducing direct solar radiation and heat transfer to the wall.
Over Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) of the wall is calculated by ECC Ho Chi Minh at 26.77 W/m2, 55% less than the EEBC 2013 requirement (of 60W/m2).
Roof – Terrace
The roof has five layers made up of:
+ Tile
+ Waterproofing membrane
+ Concrete slab (20cm)
+ Ceiling void (45cm)
+ Gypsum Ceiling
Over Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) of the roof is calculated by ECC Ho Chi Minh at 13.26 W/m2, 47% less than the EEBC requirement (of 25W/m2).


1. Centralised air conditioning
Installation of Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) AC systems with a total capacity of 1450 Ton and COP = 3.1; a 2.6 % improvement compared to the EEBC 2013 requirement (of 3.02)
2. Ventilation
184 Ventilation fans (capacity of eachone is from 1.5kW to 2.3 kW) have integrated variable speed drives coupled with their motors.
Ventilation fans are controlled by an Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) throught carbondioxide concentration sensors.


1. Use of energy efficient lamps
782 (13W and 16 W) Compact fluorescent lamps are installed in offices, toilets and corridors.
22 (30W) LEDs are installed in for the exterior lighting.
Lighting Power Density (LPD) is 6.5 W/m2, 41% less than the EEBC 2013 requirement.
2. Control of lighting
Occupation sensors have been installed for the toilets in the building to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.


An Integrated Building Management System (IBMS), a computer-based control system, controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as centralised air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, water pumping and lifts. This allows for the technical team to precisely operate and monitor the energy consumption in the building.
Implementation of a preventative maintenance, repair and replacement plan for each family of equipment.
Qualified Technical Staff (9 members) perform 2,400 hours of maintenance works to ensure continuous operation for the building and provides a high level of customer service.
Organisation of training courses about operation principles of IBMS, water pumping system, lighting and centralised air conditioning.
Organisation of training courses to enhance skills in specific fields, including labor protection, fire protection and enviromental management.

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