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01 Dong Khoi Street, District 1

Type of Building: Hotel
New / Refurbished: Refurbished
Status: Operational Stage
Year of construction: 1925
Gross Floor Area: 12881 sq.m

Majestic, a five star hotel, consists of two main rectangle – shaped buildings, including bloc A (six floors) and bloc B (nine floors) and is also one of the leading hotels using energy effectively in HCM City. The hotel honorably achieved the 2008 ASEAN Energy Awards and the first prize for the Refurbishment Building in the 2008 Energy Efficiency Buildings Contest as well as the 2002 ASEAN Green Hotel Award. Many typical solutions have been applied such as using solar heat water system and installing VSDs. More importantly, applying high performance equipments in 2008 saved 20.15% of the consumed electricity in comparison with 2007.

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Source of Information: Majestic Hotel
Methods of data collection: interviews with manager and data collection via email.

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Building Envelop

The windows-to-wall ratio (WWR) is 60%.
Windows and balcony doors are double glazed, it provides an insulation capacity that helps reducing 40% of the thermal load for AC system, saving 45,727 kWh/ year.

White and light – yellow painted walls allows a high solar reflection capacity. It helps reducing the thermal inertia of the building.

The ground floor has a curved roof with a horizontal width of 2 m and the gravel surface aims to reduce solar radiation to the wall and glass sectors in the below facade and main entrance.

The wall Over Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) is calculated at 22 W/m2, a reduction of 63% compared to the EEBC requirement (of 25W/m2)

Roof –Terrasse
Solar water heating panels are used to collect solar energy but also help reducing solar radiation on the roof surface.


Roof – mounted solar water heating panels 

Terrace is covered with faux wood panels composed of slats, it also limits solar radiation absorption and then too much energy to be embodied in the concrete slab.


Terrace with flooring materials against heat absorption         

The roof Over Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) is calculated at 30 W/m2, a reduction of 50% compared to the EEBC requirement (of 60W/m2).


The buildings were designed with an inside yard and a large atrium to provide day lighting for a large surface of the hotel.
Beside the pool is also creating a cooler environment in the courtyard thanks to the water evaporation.


Landscaping/Indoor greenery

Located in Dong Khoi Street, the building is surrounded by trees which help reducing the ambient temperature, creating extra shading as well as a beautiful environment.

The building has been implementing several and successive action to drastically improve energy efficiency


1. Replacement of the old air conditioning system
Replacement of 144 inefficient split – units by more efficient ones (higher Coefficient Of Performance (COP)) , saving 18% of electricity  consumption , (120,724 kWh/ year).

Old air – conditioner New air – conditioner
Name Sanyo DaiKin
Power (kW) 5.15 5.3
COP 2.54 3.12


2. Installing remote controller
Installation of remote controller to help receptionists switch on and off AHUs in the looby area as per schedule.
This measure helps to reduce by 5% of the electricity consumption of those elements. (8 millions VND/year).


1. Replacing lightings
Replacement of  4400 lamps ( of 40W, 60W incandescent light bulbs of by 9W, 11W and 18W Compact Fluorescent lights in living rooms, lobbies and restaurants, saving 11.62 kWh/m2/year, approximately 253,165 kWh/ year.
Lighting Power Density (LPD) for terrace: is 4.12 W/m2, a reduction of 62.5% compared to the EEBC requirement.


2. Installation of timers
Installation of timers to control operation schedule of external and decorative lights in front of the hotel to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Building load

1. Water Pumping system
Installation of  VSDs for the 5Hp hydraulic pumping system to better control pump operation efficiency.
It provided 40% of energy savings for the pumps (approximately 9,855 kWh/year)


2. Lifts/ Elevators
Installation of VSDs for the lift’s motors to operate more smoothly, stably and economically.

3. Hot water system
Block A
Installation of a solar water heater with a capacity of 13,000 liters/day provides hot water for 85 rooms in the block,compared to 85 individual electric hot water boilers, saving 331 million VND/ year.

•  Block B
Installation of an oil boiler that provides hot water not only for all of the rooms in a block B but also for 36 rooms in a block A.
A part of the residual hot water that is produced by anoil fired boiler supplies 36 rooms in block A. In comparison to 36 individual electric hot water boilers, this reduces the power outlay for electric hot water boilers to 52,000 kWh/ year, approximately saving 74 million VND/year.


Commitment to energy efficiency policies
The hotel’s Board of Director makes decisions to issue legal documents to guide energy saving steps.
An energy management policy  is fully integrated in the hotel’s management system..
Coordination with HCM City Energy Conservation Center which provided training courses on energy saving as well as consulting for energy audits in the hotel.

Installation of 21 sub-meters to precisely monitor the energy consumption of the lighting  and AC systems, elevators, pumps, appliances … in the commune areas , living rooms, restaurant, cafeteria and kitchen.


1. Implementation of a preventative maintenance, repair and replacement plan for each family of equipment.
2. Qualified Technical Staff (22 members)in several fields such as electricity, electronics, carpentry and construction …
They perform 45.446 hours of maintenance works per year to ensure continuous operations of the hotel and the best customer service quality.

1. Organisation of  training courses to raise staff awareness about effective energy usage.
2. Staff training about lighting systems and operating mode.
3. Organisation of training courses to enhance working ability in each specialized field, including labor protection, fire protection and environmental course…
4. Issuance of  detailed instructions and training on how to operate lighting control system to all concerned staff.
5. Definition and implementation of specific operating regulations into laundry rooms during peak hours.

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