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Blue Sky Hotel


Plot 3 Hung Thang, BaiChay ward

Type of Building: Others
New / Refurbished: New
Status: Operational Stage
Year of construction: 2005
Gross Floor Area: 0000 sq.m

Blue Sky Hotel, a three star started operating since 2005. It was designed with 9 floors, 82 rooms, a restaurant and conference and function rooms. From its opening to 2011, there was attemps to save energy saving in compact light bulbs, solar water heating system, VRV central air conditioning system included variable frequency devices. In 2012, with the support from technical consultancy by Energy Efficiency Center Hanoi, Blue Sky hotel saved up to 4,254 kWh electricity and 7,988 litres of diesel oil, or 17.6% energy consumption reduction.

Third Party verified: Energy Conservation Center Hanoi
Source of information: Meet-Bis project and Blue Sky hotel
Method of data collection: Documents provided from Meet-BisVietnam

(Ms.) Vu Thi Lan

+84 333 647 648



Hoang Ba Bien
Chief engineer







1. Using a VRV central air conditioning system

Central air conditioner with VSD integrated

Central air conditioner with VSD integrated

2. Replacing Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) by Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
The hotel saved a total of 1,889 kWh/year by replacing with CFLs (life tineL 6000 hours) and LEDs (life time: 50,000 hours). In details:
•   35 CFLs (14W) replaced by LED type (12W).
•   55 CFLs (14W) replaced by LED type (9W).

Building loads:
3. Fresh Water Pumps:
• Installing VSD for a water pump 7.5kW, saving 2,365 kWh/year

Power consumed before and after installation of VSD

Power consumed before and after installation of VSD

(Data from EEC Hanoi – 2012)

• VSD’s technical specification:
o Brand code: SB 200-7,5T4
o Standard output current: 18 A
o Norminal capacity: 7.5 kW

4. Installing solar water heater
•   Before 2010, hot water was supplied by boiler system
•   In 2010, the hotel installed the solar water heater. This reduces the diesel oil consumption from 50 liters per day to 30 liters per day in 4 months during cold season. During hot season, the hot water demand totally met by solar water heater

Solar water heater

Solar water heater

5. Replacing oil boilers with heat pumps
•   In 2012, the hotel installed 2 heat pumps in replacement of current oil boilers, helping saving 96% of energy cost compared to 2011.
•   Hot water is supplied by both solar water heater and heat pump water heater


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