Bamboo, Plastic Bottles Make Eco-Friendly Greenhouse
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Bamboo, Plastic Bottles Make Eco-Friendly Greenhouse


It is designed by Hanoi architecture firm 1+1>2, in collaboration with the Centre of Action For The City. This construction is included in the cooperation project between Governments of Vietnam and Ireland to support citizens and implement green living habits. It has designed an eco-friendly greenhouse that protects growing plants from the elements, and offers a creative play space for children to learn more about their environment. It also offers a break from the visual sameness of traditional rice patties.


Apart from being the nursery house for vegetable right at the farm, the house is also a place for farmers to rest. With the area of 6m2 and 3,6m high; unique, curious and friendly shape, this project is an interesting impression in the boundless paddy field.


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The house is made of bamboo and about 2000 plastic recycled bottles contributed by students and the community. The plastic bottles wall helps adjusting day-lighting, temperature for vegetables. Water inlet tray on the roof helps irrigating.


Vegetable nursery house is an image of combination between rural habitants and urban citizens; the cooperation between Vietnam and Ireland towards sustainable living habits. This is an example of researching, applying recycled materials in construction which could be disseminated to other models.



The plastic bottles were donated by students and the local community. Because it it is built using only bamboo and plastic bottles, it is light enough to be easily transported from one growing location to another.


It is presently in active use on a farm in the Soc Soc district of Hanoi.

Architects: 1+1>2 International Architecture JSC
Location: Soc Son District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Architect In Charge: Hoang Thuc Hao, Vu Xuan Son
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of 1+1>2 International Architecture JSC

Collaborators: Mr. Nguyen Van Au and local farmers, Voluntary group of Department of architecture, NUCE
Employer And Project Management : Action for the City ACCD
Client: Vegetable producing farmer association of Soc Soc Dist

Source: ArcDaily and 1+1>2 Architecture firm

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